We Back Disruptive Technology Innovators.

Glory Ventures engages in proactive research-driven methodologies to integrate industry-specific strategic values and startups.
  • Semiconductor
  • Smart Mobility
  • Cloud Computing & Storage
  • Artificial Intelligence


Glory Ventures invests in the core IC components in AI and IOT, including smartphone, autonomous driving, cloud computing, etc.

Smart Mobility

Mobility is getting smarter. That's why we invest in technologies with high entry barrier, including LiDAR, mm Wave Radar, high performance edge computing, sensor fusion solution, cyber for mobility, etc.

Cloud Computing & Storage

We are moving to cloud. We invest in key technologies in cloud computing, including high performance computing in IDC, database, storage, etc.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is the corner stone of the coming era with big data. Glory Ventures backs deep tech in AI from computing unit, data processor to AI solutions in different verticals like fintech, mobility, robotics and security.