Dipeak raised Angel round financing of over CNY 100 million


Recently, Beijing Dipeak Co., Ltd. raised its Angel round financing of over CNY 100 million, co-led by GloryVentures and Legend Capital, raising funds for the purpose of development of technology and product,team construction, and business expansion.

In the recent trend of large language model(LLM), Dipeak takes a unique approach with its products. Leveraging their technical capabilities in fine-tuning industry LLM and unified dataservices, Dipeak has developed an industry-leading innovative framework for LLM applications. This framework aims to seamlessly connect LLM with companies data assets, enabling collaborative decision-making in various business scenarios.

Dipeak focuses on developing data virtualization engine, which can be directly applied to existing big data platforms within companies, enabling rapid empowerment of their data warehouses.

Since the data intelligence infrastructure is currently in an active phase of technological innovation, GloryVentures looks forward to Dipeak’s future in redefining the next generation of enterprise data analytics and intelligent platforms.