We Invest, Connect, and Engage, thus build a tech-to-industry ecosystem

  • Backed by Top Funds and Leading Corperates
  • Partner with Global Industrial Leaders
  • Connect Professionals in Top-Level Events
  • Visit Global Entrepreneurs with Glory Partners

Backed by Top Funds and Leading Cooperates

Glory Ventures is managing 3 RMB funds and 2 USD funds, with LPs from top-tier institutioanl investors and funds, as well as over 10 leading corperates in semiconductor and automobile. 

  • CICC
  • Gao Rong Capital (Banyan Capital)
  • Morningside VC
  • Nanfang Bearings
  • TH Capital
  • WINGTEC Group
  • Sky9 Capital
  • HZF Holdings
  • Unittec Group
  • Netac
  • TodayTec
  • Join-in Holding
  • Xiangcheng Holdings
  • Zhoingguancun Science City Group
  • Changzhou Investment Group Co., LTD
  • Wujin National Hi-Tech Industrial Zone

Partner with Global Industrial Leaders

More than half of our portfolio companies receive investments from MNCs like Alibaba, Samsung, SK-Telecom, Toyota, Oppo, etc, and top tier VCs including Sequoia, GSR Ventures, CICC, etc. Through our tight network with the leading player in the market, we helped our portfolios with the chance to do business with Xiaomi, Huawei, etc. 

  • Intel
  • SMIC
  • GigaDevice
  • ARM China
  • Sunny Optical
  • SAIC
  • Geely Automobile
  • Toyota
  • Magna
  • Foxconn
  • Alibaba
  • Xiaomi
  • vivo
  • Oppo
  • MTK
  • Samsung
  • Quanta Computer
  • Midea
  • Ofim
  • Micron
  • VMWare
  • HTC
  • fosun
  • wind
  • King Signal
  • SNDA (Shegnda Group)

Connect Professionals in Top-Level Events

Every year we host the most well-known and professional China-Israel AI & IOT Summit, inviting more than 500 experts and executives from China and Israel. Past participants include over 100 C-Level guests from Huawei, Midea, Fosun, CICC, Innolight, ARM China, SMIC, etc., as well as honored guests from the Israeli embassy or consulate in China, professors from Israeli universities and institutions. 

  • The 2019 China-Israel AIOT Summit
  • The 2018 China-Israel AIOT Summit

Visit Global Entrepreneurs with Glory Partners

We like close connections to be built. Every year we bring more than 200 executives from public companies or leading players in China to visit Israel to meet our portfolios, through which we are able to build a 'same bus same hotel' level friendship, to share our knowledge and experience among these partners. Thus we directly bridge the dramatic market opportunities in China with competitive technologies in Israel.
  • 2018 Tencent AI Lab Visit Israel with Glory Ventures
  • 2018 Qinghua EMBA Candidates Visit Israel meet Mr. Yossi Vardi
  • 2019 Bridge Tencent with Israel Unicorn Orcam
  • Visit Technion for innovation & entrepreneurship
  • 2018 Chinese executives meet AV unicorn Innoviz
  • Chinese executives meet Israel entrepreneurs
  • Chinese investors visit Jerusalem with Glory Ventures
  • Head of Midea Innovation visit Vayyar
  • CEIBS EMBA candidates visit Israel with Glory Ventures
  • AR Startup LUMUS show a demo for Chinese investors with Glory Ventures